Posted on: October 1, 2009 9:45 am

Finally, a keeper rule that actually works

I currently run a 12-team fantasy football league on CBS after having run it in one form or another for years between other sites.  Once I finally moved it to CBS (ok and started paying for it), we played half our seasons as a keeper league and the other half as conventional non-keepers just simply because of politics.  As commissioner of the league and the never-ending debate / discussion / demand for (keepers), i wanted to settle it finally once and for all so after a season of evaluation and votes, etc. we (FINALLY) refined a set of keeper rules that (1) eliminated the inevitable dynasties that resulted from allowing even regulated keepers and (2) still allowed for the development and growth of a strong nucleus / core of studs per team. 

It seems to work pretty well for us so I wanted to share it with those fantasy coaches who might find it useful.  Of course the commissioner has to manually keep record of keepers reaching their maximum retention (ODP).

(Live Draft - 16 rounds)

(1.) Teams may keep up to 3 players
(2.) ALL KEEPERS cost an 8th round draft pick MINIMUM
(3.) ALL KEEPERS cost the pick 2 rounds higher than the previous year
(4.) NO PLAYER can be kept out of the DRAFT POOL for any longer than 2 years
(5.) Traded AND WAIVED players retain their Out-of-Draft-Pool status (ODP)
(6.) Draft pick position follows traded players
(7.) Draft pick position does NOT follow free agent pickups (but their ODP does)
(8.) Keepers occupying the same draft pick position (ie, 3 free agent keepers) will be positioned based on their total fantasy points scored the previous year.

(1.) If you picked up a player off the waiver wire and tagged him as one of your keepers, the following year he'd cost an 8th round draft pick. This would be his first 'ODP' year so he can only remain out of the draft pool for one more year even if he's waived or traded to another team. The following year, the final year that he can be kept out of the draft pool, he would cost a 6th round pick.

(2.) If you drafted a player in the 3rd round last year and wanted to keep him, he'd cost your 1st round draft pick this year and next year you wouldn't be able to keep him because he'd cost the pick 2 round higher than the 1st.

(3.) If a player is drafted in the 13th round and then kept the following year, he would cost a minimum 8th round draft pick in the next draft - his first ODP year. If he's traded, his ODP status AND draft pick position follows him but if he's waived and then picked up, he loses his draft pick position but retains his ODP status which always follows him.

(4.) When a team keeps more than one player that cost an 8th round draft pick, the 2nd keeper costs a 7th round pick and the third costs a 6th. Each keeper would be positioned based on their fantasy point total from the year previous.

(5.) The ODP status refers to the numbers of years that a player has been unavailable in the draft because he was kept by another team. The ODP status rule that limits the number of seasons that a player may remain out of the draft pool refers to CONSECUTIVE years. Once a players becomes available in the draft again, his ODP status is reset to zero. 

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Posted on: October 1, 2009 8:10 am

Week 4 - Hello and good riddance - bye weeks

I'll go out on a limb here and predict that no ATL, PHI, ARI, or CAR player will post any stats in the NFL this weekend. 

Week Four of the NFL schedule marks the first of seven consecutive weeks where the NFL extends the TV schedule by an additional weekend but not the NFL standings using the Roman term 'BYE WEEK'.  Fantasy football coaches either find a way to cope with this strange phenomenon or they succumb to it and whither away into the anals of fantasy football - which, incidentally, sounds like a place that no one should ever go.

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